Posted by: yerevanelections | May 25, 2009

Form N 9 as a document replacing your pasport

Before voting you must submit your ID at the registration desk in order to be registered, receive ballot paper and voting envelope and vote.

According to the point 3 of the article 55 of the Electoral Code of RA passport, document replacing passport and in case of military officers also military certificate shall be considered as IDs.

The Form N 9 is a document replacing passport, which is granted and sealed by the Police, and with which the voter can vote without presenting a passport.



  1. It’s also one of the issues where cheating can occur, isn’t that correct? Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

  2. The Form N9 can be photocopied and you can glue your picture on the form an fill it in yourself.

    Sometimes its possible that PECs don’t pay any attention to the photocopied stamp.

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